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Free VPN

As many are having trouble watching the videos, here is a practical solution. Especially on Mobile or Desktop. If you have difficulty accessing our videos, here's a solution.

To have more privacy when browsing the internet, many users end up opting for VPN applications, which can work for the entire system or just in a particular browser. In turn, on Android, Chrome comes pre-installed, but does not have a native feature of this type and ends up leaving whoever uses it.

Opera even maintained its own application, which was very popular on Android to provide a VPN to users, but ended up discontinuing it in 2018. Fortunately, the scenario has changed again, and this time, Opera launched a VPN, which works only in your browser.

Doenload - Mobile/Web Browser - Video Pop Out Feature Included

As mentioned above, this new VPN works only in the browser, that is, other programs that you use on Mobile or Desktop will not be using this connection. If you are looking for an application of this type, you can check our indication HERE.